Time soars past us like a Raven in flight across the desert sands.

We can try to slow it down with all that we have , but the stubborn hands of the clock keep moving.

Round and Round, Ticking away and counting down.

Not stopping until the day our bodies grow weak with age and we we fall into an eternal slumber.

Nothing we can do , our days on earth are numbered.

Do we sit back and watch time slip past us, not knowing when our time will stop?

Do we test our limitations and take life by storm,not caring when our time will stop?

We are overcome with unanswered questions and a curiosity for life and it’s meaning.

Instead of letting time pass you by its important to open your wings and learn how to fly

Let the wind be your guide and the open sky be your treasure map.

Don’t stop until your time has run out and you have found where X marks the spot.

Live your life and love every moment that ticks away,knowing that it can not stay.

Don’t look over your shoulder and wish for time that has past, always look forward and embrace

the time you have left.





How can I find the word to tell you what is in my soul?

I’ve looked and looked for the right one, the word that says, “You are my world, my Strength, my Joy”

The word that will without a doubt express everything I feel and know each time your brilliant eyes gaze upon me.

I believe I could search through an infinity of books and never come across one word that can tell you the truth and depth of my love for you.

Is it possible my true emotions are beyond words, beyond any hope of ever being expressed?

After all words are just symbols that try to capture a thought in a single moment of time.

How can I expect to grasp onto one moment and one thought, when my love for you has grown beyond time and translation.

You’ve captured my heart and soul and have rendered me speechless.


So, we travel on.

Night Takes over and fear surrounds us,melting the joy we have stored in our hearts and leaving only sadness behind.

The moon illuminates our only path. With Each step taken we are lead closer to our destination.

So, we travel on.

with nerves pulsating through our bodies.

Our Hearts race as tears trickle down our cheeks.

Sweat beads on our flesh, running like a river down our backs.

So, we travel on,

as the tree’s sway casting eerie shadows across the land in front of us. We reach out searching for each others hands, grasping tightly for comfort in the unnerving darkness.

So, we travel on,

wishing to turn back, yet knowing that moving forward is the only way out.

So, we travel on,

remembering promises of a better tomorrow.

So, we travel on,

and strive to find the strength and security of the light we know exists.

So, we travel on,

and our fear dissipates as we realize the dawn awaits us just ahead.

We have made it through the darkness together hand in hand.

We have reached as destination as one.

The warmth of the sun kisses our tender skin and dries our tears.

Once again we have joy in our hearts.

We turn to face each other, smiles lighting our faces with pure happiness.

We now know that when the darkness returns, we will be able to travel on.


September 23, 2012


GO BEARS!!!!!!!

Yes I will admit it, I am one of those rare girls who truly enjoys football. I even play fantasy football! I absolutely Adore watching football on Sundays While i tease and joke around with my husband.

To be honest I never really watched much football before I met Jason. I remember when i was little I would go to the Friday night High school games with my dad, but at that time I only enjoyed halftime when the band played,drinking how chocolate and getting the life saver suckers at the concession stands.

I’m still learning about the plays and the position the players are in, but thank goodness my husband doesn’t mind repeating over and over again who is doing what and why. I’m guessing it will be many years before I will actually understand it more, but I get by and I enjoy every moment of it.

So i say if any of you ladies out there have never given football a chance you should! You never know, you might like it.


September 22,2012


One day! Make a few changes and place it right smack dab in a town that is right in the middle of My family and Jason’s family and this would be our dream home!


All my life I’ve always dreamed of living in the country surrounded by trees and a few acres of land. I’m a little closer to that type of living here in Pennsylvania then I was in Ohio, but I’m still not exactly where I want to be. One day though Jason and I will have a house like this built that fits us perfect.  Add Us, Maybe a couple kids, A couple dogs and a few cats to this picture and that would be my dream.


Oh yes,one can dream.

Dream big, Dream Small, Dream Always.

Without dreams we cease to exist.


Life’s plans :)

So I’ve been debating on what i would like to be when I grow up 🙂  I’ve decided that I’m going to become a Pharmacy Technician.  So the plan is to Get a part time job for the next few months, to give Jason and I a little extra money for the holidays and to pay some bills * seems like the cars break down every other day around here so the bills kind of pile up* During that three months I’m going to be studying for the certification exam, then hopefully after that I can find something full time and make some good money with benefits.

You can order the text books on Amazon to study to be a Pharmacy tech  and the Test cost 105 dollars, so that really isn’t that bad. I’m hoping by the beginning of the year to be looking for a job in that field.

Of course I would love for Jason and I both be become best selling Authors, but that is something that is a work in slow progress 🙂 but one day, maybe you will be buying a few novels that we’ve written on Amaxon.


September 19th, 2o12



Family comes in every shape and size. My family for instance seems to always be growing. I remember the days when I was younger and on the holidays my mom would make a huge meal and we would get her good china out and sit down at a beautifully laid out table. Now with all my Nieces and Nephews getting older and having families of their own we can barely fit in the house. My last calculation of the family we were at 20 give or take a few , sometimes a few extra will show up.

I think I’ve been blessed with this large family, I know that we have many good and bad times, Lately it seems like we have more bad then good, but Still I don’t know what I would do without any of them, I’ve never had a day in my life that I’ve truly been alone. Yes I’ve felt alone at times but I was never literally alone with that many people in my life.

I was so excited the day I got to share my family with my husband, Actually this year will be our first year home for Christmas, I can’t wait for him to see what Christmas has always been in my house. Decorations from floor to ceiling in Every room, Food and more food to eat all day long. My entire family crammed into the small living room while i force them to sing Christmas carols before anyone is allowed to open presents. It’s going to be insanely loud and out of control but I swear I’m going to enjoy every second of it.

My family has increased through marriage also, I now have a two sister-n-laws, two brother-n-laws and 7 more nieces and nephews.  I love every moment of getting to know them and learn all the traditions that they have shared as a family through the years.

Maybe one day Jason and i will increase our family, I’ve always dreamt of adopting a child or two or three.(In the future when we actually have money) or maybe we will decide to have one of our own. You never know. The only thing that I know for sure is that family is more important then anything in this crazy world. Family is who you can turn to no matter what and they have to be there for you. Who better to share your life with then the ones that share a bond of kinship with you.